Why choose Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animals offer affection and unconditional acceptance. They are responsive, live in the ‘here and now’ and don’t mind who you are or what you look like. They are usually direct and honest and unlike most humans they are non-judgemental.

Animals don’t criticise, hold grudges, change the rules or otherwise confuse through verbal communications. Some clients actually feel safer and less threatened around animals. Being with animals can help to encourage our nurturing and empathic traits.

Benefits of positive interactions between people and animals are likely to include:

  • Development of relationships and emotional bonds built on trust and respect.
  • Improved mood, morale, sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • Better social interaction, reducing feelings of social isolation.
  • Relief from anxiety and stress (slower heart rate and lower blood pressure).
  • Learning new skills, nurturing and caring for animals appropriately.

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Boy with horse

I have learned lots and had loads of fun since coming here

— Animal Connections client

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